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Helping Children Feel Good About Their Bodies

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Healthy bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, media messages however portray a very narrow view of beauty and masculinity. These messages can cause children to be dissatisfied with their bodies.

Puberty can be an especially difficult time. Some children struggle with their self-esteem because their bodies go through many changes. These changes, along with a natural desire to feel accepted, make it easy for children to compare themselves with others.

Try these tips to help children feel good about their body:

  • Help your child understand that healthy bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and that there is no perfect body shape.
  • Let your child know that weight gain during puberty is normal.
  • Focus on your child’s strengths and abilities.
  • Be aware of the non-verbal and verbal messages you send about the appearance of yourself and others. Be a positive role model!
  • Discuss how media stereotypes and messages are unrealistic and are created to sell products.
  • Encourage healthy eating and physical activity for the entire family.
  • Compliment your child for the healthy choices they make.

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