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Dealing with Holiday Stress

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While the holiday season can be a fun and happy time of year it can also be a stressful time for families. With all of the preparation, shopping, parties, social events, and family gatherings it can easily become overwhelming. Some families may also find this time of year difficult due to change, loss, or uncertainty about the future. Knowing how to minimize stress can help make this holiday season more enjoyable.

Tips to help you deal with holiday stress:

  • Remember to pace yourself. Set realistic goals about what you can achieve. We all have ideas of what would make the “perfect” holiday season but remember – change can be good. Every holiday will inevitably be different, so remember to be flexible.
  • When you are feeling stressed, take the time to sit back and evaluate why you’re feeling this way.
  • Be aware that the holidays can be stressful for the whole family – including children.
  • Between all of the school plays and caroling, try to find a balance. Remember the importance of healthy eating, staying active, and getting enough sleep.
  • Make time to relax. Laugh, have a bath or take a walk to help wind down.