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Municipal Demolition Pre-Permit Clearances

The Demolition Pre-Permit Clearance Form is available from your Local Municipality. It ensures that the interests of Halton Region, your Local Municipality, and various other Utilities and Organizations are addressed. 

What's the process for getting my Municipal Pre-Permit Clearance form signed-off?

You can deliver your form to Halton Region's Services Permit staff:

  • Located at the Halton Regional Administrative building, 1151 Bronte Road (Regional Road 25), Oakville (view map External link).
  • Or Fax it to 905-847-0982

Please ensure your form is clear and legible. It will be reviewed and will be faxed to your fax number, or mailed to your address.

Conditions of Demolition

  • Please call Halton Region's Public Works to remove the existing water meter from the facility and to turn off the water supply at the property line.
  • If no building is proposed at this location, Services Permit staff needs to be informed to co-ordinate the disconnection of the existing water and sanitary sewer directly at the mains in the street.

Future use of the Site

If a new building is proposed at this location requiring water or sanitary sewer services, and/or a water meter, you must apply for and be issued a Regional Services Permit.