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Researching, Preparing and Submitting Your Drawing

How do I create a Site Servicing drawing?

  • Visit Halton Region's Public Works counter at:
    1151 Bronte Road, Oakville (view map External site).
    Call: 905-825-6000 ext. 6032.
    Obtain all necessary 'as-built' drawings pertaining to the proposed address. There is a fee for a hard copy drawing.
  • To create a Site Servicing drawing, your Architect, Professional Engineer, or Land Surveyor will combine the 'as-built' servicing information with your 'proposed' servicing information onto your drawing.
  • If needed, servicing locates can be scheduled by contacting the Region of Halton's System Operations.

Site Servicing drawing submission guidelines:

  • A minimum of three copies of the Site Servicing drawing should be submitted at the time of the initial application.
  • Each drawing should be made clear and legible.

In the title block of each Site Servicing drawing include:

  • The title of drawing and the municipal address, located in bottom right hand corner.
  • A detailed Key Plan located in top right hand corner.
  • A north arrow in a suitable location.
  • The full Regional Approval Block for our signature in a suitable location.

On the drawing, indicate and/or label: 

  • Show the surveyed lot line, indicating clear boundaries of the property.
  • The municipal street name that the property is fronting, and all others if applicable.
  • The location of the proposed or existing building or facility.
  • All the existing water, sanitary and storm mains in the street.
  • All existing services to the property.
  • The proposed services to the property.
  • The proposed water meter location and size.
Please allow the Services Permit staff at least 10 working days to review your application.
  • If revisions are required, the drawing will be returned to the Applicant for re-submission.
  • After the drawing is made acceptable, a fee estimate will be provided to the Applicant.
  • Once the Site Plan conditions are fulfilled by the Applicant, and once the fees are paid, the Regional Services Permit may be issued.