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Prospect Park Well Field Re-Rating and Water Purification Plant Expansion

Map of Study Area

Town of Halton Hills (Acton)

Status:  Study initiated through Halton's Water and Wastewater Master Plan (2011) has been completed.

Consultant:  XCG Consultants Ltd

Study Level:  Schedule C

Purpose:  Expansion of the Prospect Park Water Purification Plant (WPP) and increase in water taking at the Prospect Park Well Field in order to support additional capacity and to support future growth in Acton to 2031.

Scope:  The Class EA process includes:

  • Public and review agency consultation
  • An evaluation of alternatives and identification of the preferred design concept
  • An assessment of the potential environmental effects of the alternatives
  • The identification of reasonable measures to mitigate any adverse environmental impacts

Tentative Start of Construction:  Late 2016

Regional Contact:

Study Documents

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