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Storm Water Retention Ponds

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What are Storm Water Retention Ponds?

  • Storm water retention ponds are ponds that are designed to handle water overflow from rainfall, snowmelt, and runoff caused by watering lawns and washing cars.
  • Storm water retention ponds maintain the health of streams, lakes and aquatic life by reducing the effects of human uses of water and urban development.
  • There are 2 types of ponds:
    • Wet ponds always have some water present.
    • Dry ponds fill and empty throughout the season
  • Both types of ponds may support animal life including birds, fish, reptiles and insects.

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Are storm water ponds good mosquito breeding sites?

  • No. Changes in water level and exposure to wind are some of the factors that help deter mosquitoes from laying their eggs along the surface of the water.
  • However, pockets of standing water that may allow mosquitoes to breed can be created by:
    • rock formations
    • vegetation
    • debris

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Is the Health Department planning on treating storm water retention ponds with pesticides?

  • All storm water retention ponds in Halton Region are monitored by larval dipping throughout the WNV season to determine if they are a mosquito breeding site.
  • Larviciding if deemed necessary.

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