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Directional Signs for Tourists

Example of a Halton Tourisim Sign under the TODS Program The Tourism Oriented Directional Signage (TODS) program provides a cost-effective system of standard signs on major roads to direct traffic to qualified tourism-oriented operations in Halton. 

A wide range of facilities are eligible to participate in this program, including:

  • Farm-based attractions and markets
  • Museums
  • Galleries and heritage sites
  • Parks
  • Sports facilities
  • Downtown areas
  • Hamlets and villages
  • Tourist accommodations

There are fees associated with this program. There is a one-time, non-refundable standard application fee, a one-time sign fee based on the number and type of approved signs and an annual renewal fee based on the number and type of signs.

Detailed information regarding eligibility, signage, fees, and procedures are available through: