Bulk Water Stations

A bulk water hauler at the Santa Maria Bulk Water Station in MiltonA Bulk Water Station is a location where commercial business and the general public can purchase large volumes of water.

  • Where are Halton's Bulk Water Stations Located?
    Halton Region has 7 stations located throughout the region.
  • Full Description of Each Bulk Water Stations
    Each description includes the number and type of connections available at the station, the flow rate, location, hours of operation and payment options.
  • Small Volume Water Connection Service
    The small volume connections are for residents of remote communities who sometimes experience disruptions in their water supply due to power outage, ground water contamination or dry wells.   
  • Operating Instructions
    Step-by-Step instructions for using the bulk water stations, procedures for abnormal conditions (such as winter, high flow periods etc.) and contamination prevention information for bulk water haulers.  
  • Bulk Water Rates & Payment Methods
    6 of Halton’s bulk water stations are equipped with a pre-paid Smart Card system and one station is coin operated. Look up rates and learn about the Smart Card, including where to purchase
  • The Technology of a Halton Bulk Water Station
    The different technologies used at a bulk water station. Including a breakdown of parts, information about flow control and calibration, as well as the Smart Card Technology.