Bulk Water Station Technology

The Technology of a Bulk Water Station

The bulk water dispensing stations in Halton are fully assembled, pre-wired, skid mounted water dispensing systems designed and built by The Birk’s Company. The technology was used and tested at various municipalities across Canada before they were adopted by Halton.

The water dispensing station systems are made up of:

  • A water meter
  • Heater
  • All necessary wiring
  • Solenoid and other valves
  • Stainless steel pipes and fittings
  • NEMA 3R rated load centre on the exterior
  • Smart Card transaction terminal (to be replaced with new online payment system in mid-January)
  • Internal bracing, pipe supports and lifting lugs
  • 75mm (3") or 50mm (2") male camlock coupling with a PVC "breakaway" nipple or "drive-away" hose
  • 56" x 45" concrete mounting pad that sits 3" to 10" above the ground
    Power supply - 120 VAC

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Water Flow Control Valves

Each station is equipped with a meter/solenoid valve, which has an integrated flow control function.

The Region's operator adjusts the valve's open/close speed to prevent water hammer. An individual maximum flow rate is set at each station based on the conditions of the area to:

  • Insure accuracy of measurement.
  • Prevent the drawing down of the pressure in the water main, which would be caused by excessively high flow rates.

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Outlet Flow Rates

75mm (3") diameter outlet:

  • min flow = 454 L/min (120 USGPM)
  • max flow = 1817 L/min (480 USPGM)
  • Halton recommended max flow = 1135 L/min (130 USGPM)

50mm (2") diameter outlet:

  • min flow = 110 L/min (29 USGPM)
  • max flow = 416 L/min (110 USGPM)
  • Halton recommended max flow = 378 L/min (100 USGPM)

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Smart Card Technology

The Smart Card system is a “paperless” system designed to provide water haulers with a convenient and quick method of payment. Billing is totally eliminated and payment for water is made in advance at the Region's office.

When purchased, the Smart Card is credited with the pre-paid amount and can be used at any bulk water dispensing station within the Region with the prepaid system. The transaction terminal dispenses the water and debits the card.

Find out where you can purchase and use the Smart Card.

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Calibrating Dispensing Device

Accuracy of the dispensing instruments is a priority for the Region. Halton staff have the ability to perform on-site testing and calibration as required. Instrument calibration will ensure that we are servicing our customers as effectively and accurately as possible.

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