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Canada offers significant incentive support for R&D activities from both federal and provincial governments, with total costs 27.7 percent below the US baseline. Source KPMG Alternatives 2016 (external link)

Labour pool within 1-hour drive

Number of LEED certified projects in Halton

Halton Region is a fast-growing centre for clean technology and the environmental sciences

When you locate in Halton, you also invest in a strong economy – and in a region dedicated to sustainability. That's one of the reasons why Halton is home to a range of companies specializing in clean technologies for smart grid, water and sewage treatment, waste remediation and green chemistry.

These factors drive innovative clean technology businesses to Halton:

“Also very important was having access to bright minds. Access to university talent was top on the relocation must-have list. By setting up shop [in Halton], EcoSynthetix was able to form partnerships with a variety of local academic institutions, including the University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Guelph and University of Waterloo.”
John van Leeuwen, CEO Ecosynthetix (external link)

Halton's clean technology cluster

Halton is home to a number of leading companies specializing in clean technologies including:

It's also home to the Canada Centre for Inland Waters (external link) – Wastewater Technology Centre and four utility providers that belong to GridSmartCity (external link), an organization committed to working toward productivity and efficiency improvements in energy. The most generous R&D tax credits on the planet complement this cluster, making Halton one of the most competitive locations for clean technology companies.

Highly-Educated Talent

Supporting Halton's innovative and growing clean technology cluster is one of the most educated workforces in Canada. Among Halton residents, 75% have a post-secondary education. Companies tell us that a major reason for locating in Halton is its unparalleled access to research and talent from 20 colleges and universities, all within a 60-minute drive. They include the University of Guelph (external link) and McMaster University (external link), both among the top educational institutions for the environmental sciences.

Clean Technology Support and Incentives

Halton's Economic Development team supports clean technology companies

Our Economic Development team works with clean technology and environmental sciences companies to identify business incentives and location preferences. With our knowledge and our contacts, we can provide the full range of support services and essential information on Halton's economy, labour force, hiring, business costs, infrastructure, real estate and lifestyles.

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