Why companies choose Halton Region

Why Halton- Summary

It is simply one of the best places in Canada to do business

It's no secret. Halton's strong and flourishing economy has created the right environment for businesses to grow and prosper. Under that regional umbrella, companies have many good reasons to locate in Halton.

Access to Major Markets

Located in the Greater Toronto Area – the heartbeat of Canadian business – Halton is the only location in Canada with access to a market of 8 million people: all within a one-hour drive. Air, rail, roads and ports connect Halton-based companies with their regional, national and international markets.

Talented Educated Workforce

Supporting Halton's diverse business community is one of the most educated workforces in Canada. Among the region's residents, nearly 75 per cent have a post-secondary education. One major reason for companies' locating in Halton is its unparalleled access to research, co-op programs and talent from 20 colleges and universities, located within a 60-minute drive.

The Region for Growth

Halton has experienced phenomenal growth over the last 20 years. And the region is still growing in population, in workforce numbers, in residential and commercial development, as well as in entrepreneurial activity. With this growth comes an abundance of opportunities for investment, making Halton one of the best places in Canada to do business.

A Great Place to Live

Halton Region communities consistently rate among the best places to live, raise a family and work in Canada. Average household income in the region is one of the highest in the country and residents enjoy exceptional lifestyle choices.

Advanced Infrastructure

Halton's strong economy also depends on infrastructure. That's why the region continues to invest in roads, bridges, utilities and services for land development. Halton is investing more in infrastructure projects (per capita) than any other region in the Greater Toronto Area.

Competitive Costs

In Halton Region, we recognize that companies need to keep their costs in line to be competitive. From land costs, to development charges and property taxes, businesses get good value for their investment dollars in Halton, compared to other municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area. Selected provincial and federal government incentives and tax credits can also help to cut the cost of doing business.

Research and Innovation

Research and development jobs in Halton have nearly doubled since 2006. Halton-based businesses also benefit from generous R&D tax incentives available from the federal and provincial governments. Another significant benefit is access to research-oriented educational institutions. The region is surrounded by 20 leading universities and colleges, all within an hour's drive.

Top Employers

A strong and robust economy continues to bring high-profile industries to Halton Region. The region has become a clear choice for companies that have taken advantage of our access to major markets, a skilled workforce, an advanced infrastructure and an environment for research and development. Strategically located in the heart of Canada’s business community, Halton is home to a growing number of national and global companies.

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Our Economic Development team works closely with companies, considering investing or relocating, to identify business incentives and location preferences in the region. With our knowledge and our contacts, we can provide the full range of support services and essential information on Halton's economy, labour force, business costs, hiring, infrastructure, real estate and lifestyles.

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