The Region for Growth

Regional Growth

Quick Facts

Over 548,000 residents — projected to exceed 1,000,000 by 2041

Workforce of nearly 273,000 — projected to reach 470,000 by 2041

Market size — 8.9 million population within 1-hour

1565 acres of investment- ready lands

In 2017, 73% of non-residential total floor area was new development

Average household income at $139,315 and rising

Halton Region: We've grown into one of the best places in Canada to do business

Halton Region has experienced phenomenal growth over the last 20 years. And the region is still growing in population, in workforce numbers, in residential and commercial development, as well as in entrepreneurial activity. With this growth comes an abundance of opportunities for business investment.

A number of factors encourage and support growth throughout Halton: a commitment to building durable infrastructure, abundant employment lands for development, above-average lifestyles for residents and dedicated support from the region's Economic Development team.

"Exciting and necessary improvements throughout the region are made possible through our Building a Better Halton Plan — an investment plan of $4.1 billion over 10 years into capital infrastructure projects, including $1.9 billion to fund state of good repair.

These investments ensure access to clean drinking water, keep traffic moving and build sustainable communities, which helps maintain a high quality of life in Halton that is second to none.“ — Regional Chair Gary Carr

Talk about growth. Halton is designated as one of the "Places to Grow (external link)" in Ontario, which not only has the seventh largest economy in North America, but also accounts for 40 per cent of Canada's GDP. The region's burgeoning business community benefits from Halton's strategic location in the province.

Halton's Economic Development team: Learn more about growth potential in the region

Our Economic Development team works with companies to identify market opportunities, growth potential and economic trends throughout the region. With our knowledge and our contacts, we can provide the full range of support services and essential information on Halton's access to major markets, economic trends, labour force, hiring, business costs, infrastructure, real estate and lifestyles.

For more information about Halton or to get connected to opportunities, contact us.