FAQ's On-line Bids

How do I contact someone in Purchasing Services?

A link to the contact information for Halton Region Purchasing Staff is located on the Halton Region Purchasing Services Page under “Doing Business with Halton.” A link to the contact information is also provided on www.biddingo.com/halton (external link). You should contact a Staff member who looks after the department where the goods or services that you sell would be received.

Alternately, you may send an email to Purchasing Services at  purchasing@halton.ca

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How do I get on the Bidders List for a product or service?

Halton Region does not maintain Bidders Lists. Halton Region’s formal competitive bid opportunities are advertised and available for electronic download from www.biddingo.com/halton (external link). Vendors who are interested in doing business with Halton Region can complete the free online vendor registration form at www.biddingo.com/halton (external link). Registered Vendors will receive an email notification when bid opportunities are issued by Halton Region (and other Agencies using Biddingo.com), for those commodities (products or services) selected by the Vendor. The Vendor is responsible for keeping their contact information current in the Biddingo.com database.

What is Biddingo.com?

Biddingo.com is an online marketplace that connects suppliers selling various goods and services to 1000+ buyers in the Provincial, Municipal, Education, Crown Corporation, Housing, Construction and Healthcare sectors, and Private businesses from across Canada.

The annual subscription fee for Biddingo.com is currently $250 plus tax. Biddingo.com subscribers can view bid opportunities from other government and private sector organizations, as well as view the bid document takers list, bid results and awards, and receive automatic notification of addenda at no additional charge.

Registered Vendors that do not subscribe will receive email alert notifications of new bid opportunities for their commodity code(s) and will be able to purchase and download documents on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Biddingo offers a 30 day free trial for those Vendors wishing to evaluate the services prior to purchasing a subscription.

Vendors may visit Biddingo’s website at www.biddingo.com (external link) for further information.

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Will all bid documents be available on Biddingo.com?

Halton Region will transition its online bid system to Biddingo.com in three phases. It is expected that most bid documents will be available for download; however, certain complex documents may continue to be available in hard copy format only.

Phase 1
Effective March 12, 2012, Halton Region’s Request for Tenders and Proposals and other solicitation documents for goods and services will be downloadable from www.biddingo.com/halton (external link).

Phase 2
It is expected that effective May 1, 2012, Vendors will have the ability to download tender documents and drawings for Transportation construction projects from www.biddingo.com/halton (external link).

Phase 3
The implementation date to transition tender documents and drawings for Water and Wastewater construction projects to Biddingo.com is expected to occur in June of 2012.

Any existing bids on the date of transition will remain on the Halton On-line Bid System.

Updates relating to the transition will be posted on the Purchasing Services Page and at www.biddingo.com/halton (external link). At the end of the transition, it is expected that almost all bid documents will be advertised and available for electronic download at www.biddingo.com/halton (external link) and the Halton On-line Bid System will no longer be available.

If you have any additional questions regarding the transition, please contact the Purchasing Staff who looks after the department where the goods or services that you sell would be received.

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Can I still purchase a hardcopy of a bid document?

Yes, Bidders may obtain a hardcopy of a bid document from the Financial and Purchasing Services department office located at:

The Regional Municipality of Halton
1151 Bronte Road Oakville, Ontario, L6M 3L1

Alternately, Bidders may complete an online “Credit Card Authorization Payment Form (PDF file)” and for an additional handling fee, Halton Region will courier the bid documents to the address provided. Bidders must provide their Courier Account information to be charged, as the bid documents will be sent collect.

Halton Region will add the Bidder’s contact information that was provided at the time of purchase, to the bid document takers list on www.biddingo.com/halton (external link).

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How will I receive notification of Addenda issued for a bid that I have purchased?

Addenda will be posted on www.biddingo.com/halton (external link), under the specific bid number. All document takers will receive an automatic email notification of Addenda. All document takers will be listed on www.biddingo.com/halton (external link), and neither Biddingo nor Halton Region will be responsible for missing or invalid email addresses. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to view and/or download all applicable Addenda prior to submitting a Bid. The downloading of Addenda from www.biddingo.com/halton (external link) by “pay-as-you-go” vendors and vendors who purchased a hardcopy of the bid document at the Purchasing Counter will be subject to Subsequent Document Fees as per the Biddingo.com fee schedule (external link).

How do I submit my bid?

Bids shall be addressed to the Office of the Manager of Purchasing, The Regional Municipality of Halton, 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 3L1, and must be received by the Office of the Manager of Purchasing no later than the Closing Date and Closing Time indicated in the bid document.

Halton Region will not accept a Bid by facsimile or other electronic device.

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How will I know the Bid results?

For Request for Tender documents, the results as read out at the Tender Opening will be posted on www.biddingo.com/halton (external link) under the applicable bid number, after the bid has closed.

How will I know when a Bid has been awarded?

Once a Bid has been awarded, notice of the award will be posted on www.biddingo.com/halton (external link), under the applicable bid number. All document takers will also be notified via email.

If I am successful, where do I mail my invoice?

All invoices for Halton Region are to be addressed to the following address:
The Regional Municipality of Halton
1151 Bronte Road Oakville, Ontario, L6M 3L1 Attention: Accounts Payable

To expedite payment ensure that the invoice clearly indicates the first and last name and extension number of the person who ordered the goods or services.

How do I register for direct deposit?

Halton Region’s preferred method of payment is by direct deposit, as electronic funds transfer has proved to be faster and more secure. Vendors may download the Accounts Payable Application for Vendor and Direct Deposit Application (PDF file) located on the Halton Region Purchasing Services Page. Vendors are to complete the form, provide a void cheque and return to Accounts Payable as per the instructions on the form.

If there is a change in your banking information, the Vendor can re-submit the Accounts Payable Application for Vendor and Direct Deposit Application (PDF file) with the new banking information.

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Does the Region have a custom broker of record for goods imported from outside of Canada (US, Mexico, International) or can a Supplier use anyone?

Yes, Halton Region has a custom broker to import goods purchased from outside of Canada. Halton Region only uses Fraser Direct Logistics and we ask that when Halton purchases goods that require a custom broker the supplier/vendor inform Halton to ensure that Fraser Direct Logistics is used.

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