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Community Safety and Well-Being in Halton: A Plan for Collaboration and Action (draft for public consultation)

Halton Region and the Halton Regional Police Service have developed a draft Community Safety and Well-Being Plan for public consultation. Details of the consultation process will be posted on this web page in 2017.

What is Halton’s Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Plan?

  • Halton’s CSWB Plan provides a made-in Halton approach to strengthen how we collaborate with community partners to support vulnerable populations, prevent crime and build safe and healthy communities.
  • The plan was developed in partnership between Halton Region and the Halton Regional Police Service as a draft for public consultation.    

Why a community safety and well-being plan for Halton?

  • As Halton continues to grow, it is important to take steps to ensure that we continue to be a safe and healthy community, support vulnerable populations and are well-positioned to respond to emerging safety and well-being issues. Halton’s CSWB Plan is a key step to achieve these objectives.    

What can I find in the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan?

The Plan includes:
  • an overview of community safety and well-being planning as well as a number of examples of initiatives that contribute to the health, safety and well-being of Halton residents;
  • an approach to enhance how Halton Region and Halton Regional Police Service work with our partners to identify and address key safety and well-being issues; and
  • Five Directions that will guide CSWB planning in Halton. 

How can I provide input on the Plan?

  • A public consultation process will be launched in 2017 to seek feedback on the plan and identify issues that could shape the focus of the plan once finalized.
  • The process will include opportunities to provide input online and in person.

What are the next steps?

  • Input collected during the public consultation process will be used to revise the plan, which will be presented to Regional Council in fall 2017.