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Severe Weather

Only use 911 if you have an emergency!

Otherwise, visit or dial 311 for information and updates.

Information to help you cope when a severe storm warning is in effect in Halton:

  • Check the radio, television or this page for updates, information or instructions. You can also monitor Halton’s Twitter feed @RegionofHalton (external link).
  • Dial 311 if you need information about an emergency, the availability of local services, or to report damage to trees or property.
  • If you require the immediate response of police, fire and/or an ambulance or are in a life threatening situation, call 911.

Weather watches and warnings

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School Closures

During a severe storm, schools may be closed and school buses may be cancelled. Check with your local school board and monitor your local radio station.

Road Conditions

Try to avoid unnecessary travel during severe storms.
If you must travel, be sure to allow extra time and let someone know your route and expected arrival time.

Snow Removal

Check with your local municipality for snow removal updates.

Regional Services

During severe storms, some Regional services such as recycling and waste collection, and regional child care centres could be affected.

Power Outage Information

During severe storms, the Halton Regional Police Service frequently receives 911 calls reporting damage to trees or property. Unless the storm has caused immediate danger or risk to someone’s personal safety, dial 311 rather than 911.

Stay at least 10 metres away from a fallen power line, even if it doesn't appear to be live and report it to your local utility. If you experience a power outage, contact your local utility.

More information about preparing for severe weather