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Housing Resources

Halton Region Resources

  • Based on the value that people in Halton should be able to remain in their own community, Halton Region’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy addresses a continuum of housing types for all incomes and all stages of life from emergency shelters and government assisted housing to private sector affordable housing.
  • The annual Halton Region State of Housing Report (2016) provides a wide range of information about various types of housing in Halton. It includes information about affordable and assisted housing, homelessness in Halton and housing prices.
  • The 2012 Price of Eating Well in Halton opens pdf 376KB provides information on the cost of purchasing a nutritious diet and the difficult choices some individuals and families on fixed incomes face every month.
  • Halton Region's Older Adult Advisory Committee has prepared a resource onHousing Options for Older Adults in Halton opens pdf that covers a range of services and considerations for seniors.
  • Halton Region’s subsidized housing program, also known as rent-geared-to-income (RGI), provides safe, well-maintained rental housing for people with low and moderate incomes

External Links & Resources

  • Community Development Halton external link provides a range of information and resources about social issues in the Halton community.
  • Poverty Free Halton and Community Development Halton have developed the video Being Poor in Halton external link to highlight the tough decisions that some working families in Halton have to make to balance their budget.
  • The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation external link provides an affordable housing centre that provides a range of information on affordable housing.
  • A number of non-profit organizations in Halton provide housing and housing supports to Halton residents. Information on these and other non-profit service providers can be found by searching the Halton Information Provider external link database. If you would like to talk to a housing service provider about housing issues in Halton, you are invited to contact:
  • Do the Math external link is an initiative of the STOP Community Food Centre in Toronto. It asks you to identify what you would need to live if you were a single person living on social assistance. When you complete the budget, you are provided with the actual amount that someone on social assistance receives.