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Public Health Programs and Services

Halton Region’s Health Department delivers a variety of public health programs and services for residents in Halton. Staff work in the community and with community partners to deliver programming related to:

Staff conduct investigations and inspections to protect Halton residents from:

Clinical Services

For more information or to book an appointment, call Halton Region.

Information for Parents/Caregivers

Other Programs

  • The Dinewise program is a mandatory food safety program for restaurants and food take-outs in Halton.
  • The Well Water assists private well owners in maintaining private wells to ensure that their well water is safe for drinking.
  • The Oral Health provides education, screenings, and community surveys. Financial assistance for dental treatment is available to those who qualify.
  • The schools program seeks to act as a resource to students and staff in schools about mental issues.

Health Department Online Resource Database

The Halton Region Health Department maintains a list of resources on a variety of health topics which are produced or distributed by the Health Department and are available to order free of charge. Access the Health Resource Database.