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Background Information – Impaired Driving

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What is impaired driving?

Driving any kind of vehicle when your ability is affected by alcohol or drugs is a crime. If convicted, you can lose your licence, be fined, or spend time in jail. Even worse, you could kill or injure someone, maybe yourself.

Facts about impaired driving

You can be convicted of impaired driving EVEN IF:

  • Your vehicle isn't moving or you haven't started to drive. If you're impaired and behind the wheel, it's against the law.
  • Your blood alcohol content isn't over the “legal limit”. It's a crime, if there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of your impairment, such as:
    • Driving too fast or very slow.
    • Not driving in a straight line.
    • Having slurred speech or breath that smells like alcohol.

Additional information

Learn more about the legal implications and consequences of impaired driving:

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