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In Halton Region mineral aggregates from 24 pits and quarries provide sand, gravel and bedrock used in roads, buildings and other construction.

Most of Halton's pits and quarries are located along the Niagara Escarpment. As a rich source of aggregate materials and a significant natural heritage feature, the Niagara Escarpment is often the focus of conflicting priorities.

Licensing and Policy

Aggregate sites are licensed through the Aggregate Resources Act and the Site Plan for each pit or quarry specifies operational and progressive rehabilitation requirements.

The Provincial Policy Statement gives some priority to extraction locations as close to markets as possible. This priority is based on the high bulk and low unit value of aggregates and associated transportation requirements. Distance from market affects the price of new housing and infrastructure, and environmental impacts including noise, truck emissions and road damage.

Approval for New or Expanded Licenses

Approval for new or expanded licenses usually involves a number of different application processes at different agencies including:

Halton Region and these agencies review applications through a Joint Agency Review Team (JART) process . This team undertake the technical review of studies submitted in support of aggregate applications such as Hydrogeology, Planning, Archaeology, Air, Noise, Blasting, Natural Environment and Traffic. 

Together the agencies share information and expertise, engage the public at early stages in an application and improve decision-making effectiveness that occurs at each agency.  

Applications Currently Under Review

Approved Applications

  • Hanson Brick Limited *
  • Dufferin Aggregates Limited * (Milton)

* Adopted as Regional Official Plan Amendements (ROPAs)