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State of Housing Report

The State of Housing Report is prepared annually. It provides an assessment of housing supply and demand in Halton during the past year. It also monitors Halton Region’s achievements in implementing its vision for managed and sustainable growth, as set out in Halton’s Regional Official Plan and the Provincial Growth Plan.

The 2017 State of Housing Report includes the following information:

  • Supply and demand of the various housing segments on the housing continuum
  • Income and housing cost thresholds for affordable and assisted housing (annually updated through Halton’s Housing Model)
  • Achievement of The Regional Official Plan targets related to density and affordability
  • Housing sales (new and resale) in 2017 by Local Municipality, housing type and price
  • Number and types of new housing completed in 2017 by Local Municipality and housing type
  • Rental housing market characteristics
  • Assisted housing opportunities created since 2008
  • Special Needs Housing
  • Homelessness