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South Halton Water & Wastewater Master Plan

Addendum to Master Plan Update

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Master Plan Update Documents - June 2008

The Public Review period began Friday June 13, 2008 and ended on Monday July 28, 2008.  Any comments or concerns may be addressed by calling 311 or by email at

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In 2002, a comprehensive master servicing strategy (Halton Water and Wastewater Master Plan Review) was prepared to address the Region's water and wastewater servicing needs within the 2016 planning horizon, and identify the infrastructure requirements of developing urban areas of South Halton.

The South Halton Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan Review in 2002 consolidated and updated the following plans:

  • South Halton Water Master Plan (1994)
  • Halton Urban Structure Plan Water and Wastewater Master Plan (1995)
  • South Halton Wastewater Master Plan (1996)

The current South Halton Master Plan updates the previous documents to reflect the current regulatory environment and population estimates to the year 2021.

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