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Approval Authorities

Halton Region

Halton Region is responsible for processing and making decisions on Regional Official Plan Amendments and, in some cases, Local Official Plans and Plan Amendments.

Regional Planning staff are responsible for the following matters:

  • Administering Regional Official Plan policies relative to development applications.
  • Processing and approving Regional Official Plan Amendments.
  • Processing and approving Local Official Plan Amendments deemed not to be exempt.
  • Providing input at pre-consultation meetings, if required.
  • Reviewing and commenting on local development applications.
  • Reviewing and commenting on Niagara Escarpment Plan Amendments and Development Permits.
  • Reviewing and commenting on Parkway Belt West Plan Amendments.
  • Co-ordinating the provision of services and service allocations.
  • Providing comments on behalf of the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Ministry of Culture. This role is defined through a Memorandum of Understanding between Halton Region and the Province of Ontario.

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Local Municipalities

The City of Burlington and Towns of Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville) received delegated approval authority on January 1, 1999 to process and make decisions on the following types of development applications:

  • Local Official Plan Amendments (in some cases)
  • Zoning Amendments
  • Site Plans
  • Consents
  • Subdivisions
  • Condominiums
  • Minor Variances
  • Removal of Part Lot Control

The Local Municipalities are responsible for:

  • Supplying application forms.
  • Conducting pre-consultation meetings, where required.
  • Receiving applications and circulating them to internal and external departments or agencies
  • Coordinating responses.
  • Formulating planning positions. 
  • Reviewing and commenting on:
    • Niagara Escarpment Development Permit applications and Plan Amendments.
    • Parkway Belt West Plan Amendments.

Authority for making decisions on Local Official Plan Amendments is divided between the Local Municipality and Halton Region. Halton Region is the approval authority when the Amendment is "non-exempt". This generally means that a commenting agency has identified an unresolved issue.

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