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Burloak Regional Waterfront Park Master Plan

Master Plan Concept

Park Enhancements - Phase 2 (2017)

Starting in summer 2017, Halton Region, in partnership with the City of Burlington, the Town of Oakville and Conservation Halton, will implement Phase 2 of the Burloak Regional Waterfront Park Master Plan.
New and improved park features and amenities will include:

Western Lookout

  • Connected to the main pathway
  • Accessible benches and viewing binoculars to the lake
  • Native tree and shrub plantings
  • Armour stone seat wall

Demonstration Garden

  • Circular garden system
  • Several pathway connections
  • Accessible gardens and benches
  • Native tree and shrub plantings, including plant species to attract native
    pollinator and butterfly species

Burloak Drive Gateway Plaza

  • Accessible flag arcade, nautical-shaped plaza and lookout
  • Accessible benches and viewing binoculars to the lake
  • Upper and lower pathways
  • Landscaping and native tree plantings

Other Park Amenities

  • Accessible picnic areas at the west and east sides of the park
  • Boat launch for canoes and kayaks
  • Windows to the Lake parking area
  • Lookout plaza and pavilion (completed in Phase 1)

Phase 1 included the construction of a new, accessible pathway along the waterfront, a gazebo, a performance plaza with seating and a pedestrian guardrail.

Natural Ecosystem

An important aspect of Phase 1 was the removal of invasive tree and shrub species within the park (primarily Siberian Elms and Norway Maples) and the preparation of the site for planting native species in their place. This will help make the park ecologically healthier for generations to come.

Master Plan Implementation

The Burloak Regional Waterfront Park Master Plan was approved by Halton Regional Council on April 16, 2014.
The Halton Region Waterfront Parks program recognizes the significant environmental, economic, cultural, and recreational importance of the Lake Ontario (and the Burlington Bay) shoreline to residents of Halton Region and the Province. The Regional Waterfront Parks program aims to:

  • Maximize public accessibility to the Halton Waterfront by increasing the amount of well distributed public space; and
  • Provide a variety of recreational, cultural and tourism opportunities along the Halton waterfront.

The Burloak Regional Waterfront Park is a premier waterfront park on the border of the municipalities of Burlington and Oakville on the Lake Ontario shoreline. The park is approximately 14 hectares in size.

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