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Tremaine & Dundas Secondary Plan

Tremaine and Dundas Secondary Plan Study Area

Map of Secondary Plan Study Area
North Boundary: 407 ETR, East Boundary: Tremaine Road, South Boundary: Dundas Street, West Boundary: Bronte Creek

The 'Tremaine and Dundas Secondary Plan' will study an area of land located in Burlington and determine future land uses for the area.

The study area is located on the west side of Tremaine Road between Dundas Street and Hwy 407(see map on right).

Current Status

The Plan is currently in the initial Public Consultation Phase.

A Public Information Centre was held September 29, 2009 to present the 'Background and Options Report' and discuss study findings to-date.

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The 'Tremaine and Dundas Secondary Plan' began in late 2007 by Halton Region and the City of Burlington.

The Plan was initiated in response to existing City of Burlington Official Plan policies, which required an Inter-Municipal (Local and Regional) secondary plan for lands within Burlington, to determine appropriate future urban land uses.

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Through the secondary plan process, a series of comprehensive background assessments were completed in the following areas:

  1. Planning Background and Options Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)10MB
  2. Land Needs Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)316KB
  3. Water and Wastewater Servicing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)1MB
  4. Water Resources and Natural Heritage
  5. Transportation Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)7MB
  6. Noise Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)5MB

Based on the findings of these background assessments, 3 land use options were developed.

Through the Public Information Centres identified be low, further information will be collected to assist in the development of a preferred land use option, which will guide the development of Secondary Plan policies by the City of Burlington.

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How can I get involved?

Your input into this secondary plan is vital to our understanding of how this area should be developed, the range and mix of uses that should be permitted and the design themes that should guide the appearances of both the public and private realm.

  1. Keep checking this Web site for details on background studies and staff reports.
  2. Share your thoughts by email:

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