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2015 Federal Election Growth-Related Issues


The Federal Government currently does not provide sustained, long-term investment for Halton’s municipal infrastructure. Improving our roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems would:

  • create jobs
  • keep goods moving
  • support businesses in and around Halton
  • maintain a high quality of life for the growing community

The infrastructure needs in Halton (including state-of-good-repair programs) are expected to reach approximately $5.6 billion by the year 2031. Long-term sustainable funding for infrastructure both new and old is required to ensure that taxpayers are not burdened with the cost of growth.

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Climate Change

Weather patterns have changed over the past few decades, negatively impacting many communities and causing an increase in severe weather events such as heat waves, torrential rain and ice storms.  Provincial and federal support is required to help manage the:

  • social impact
  • economic loss
  • damage to infrastructure
  • environmental effects
  • health-related consequences

Long-term, sustainable funding is required for municipalities to improve community resilience and reduce the severity of future climate change effects.

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Safe, affordable, accessible housing is critical to building healthy communities. Municipalities across the country are working to make communities livable for everyone by ensuring access to housing for newcomers, young people, the middle class and seniors. However, affordable homeownership still remains out of reach for too many Halton residents.

Long-term, predictable funding to support increased affordable and assisted housing and the creation of a national housing strategy are required to improve the lives of residents and strengthen our community.

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Economic Development

Economic development and job creation continue to be priority issues for Canadian municipalities. Halton Region continues to implement its Economic Development Strategy in order to meet mandated Provincial employment targets and build a strong economy. 

To help secure our community’s prosperity as we grow, the Region requires:

  • continued investment in economic and employment growth
  • development of a comprehensive national jobs strategy

This support will help attract and retain businesses, creating high-quality jobs and growing the regional economy.

Child Care

As a result of our rapid growth, the number of children aged 0-4 living in Halton greatly increases each year, creating a significant need for child care and early learning programs. For many families, child care is now the second largest household expense (after housing). This issue is compounded by the fact that there are not enough spaces to meet the demand for child care in our region.

Many young Halton families continue to struggle to find affordable, quality child care options. Halton requires federal assistance to establish more affordable and accessible early learning/child care spaces that will support our growing population.

Make an Informed Decision

Your decision counts this Federal Election. When you cast your ballot, you will help shape the future of residents, businesses and families in our community. Regional Staff and Council look forward to working with your elected Members of Parliament to ensure your voice is heard in the House of Commons. Please visit us throughout the campaign to view candidate responses as they come in.

A strong Halton will help build a strong Canada, and we encourage residents to stay engaged and informed for the Federal Election. Please ensure you are registered to vote and take the time to cast your ballot on October 19, 2015.