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Frequently Asked Questions - Council

Who are my political representatives?

In order to find out who your political representatives are for any Halton address, visit our Regional Councillor Contact Information web page or use the RepLocator. For each address, you will find out who is your MP, MPP, school board representative, and local and regional councillor.

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If I have a concern, who do I contact?

If you have a concern about a Regional issue, you may want to discuss your concerns with a member of Regional staff and/or your Regional Councillor. Some issues may be resolved at the staff level or, at the very least, staff can advise you of the next step toward resolving your concerns.

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What is the procedure if I want to present my concerns to Committee/Council?

If, after speaking with staff, you decide to appear before Committee to present your concerns, you must register in writing, by E-mail or by fax at least five working days before the date of the meeting. The request must also set out the particulars of the matter to be addressed. Please refer to a Guide for Delegations.

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How do I obtain a copy of an agenda?

Current agendas & minutes of standing committee and council meetings are available online or by contacting the Regional Clerk’s Division.

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How can I find out what decision was made by Council on a particular issue?

Contact the Regional Clerk's Division or view Council Agenda.

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