Child Care Salary Information

Community Salary Information

Approximately 85 licensed Child Care Service Providers have a Child Care Service Management Agreement with Halton Region and receive a General Operating Grant (GOG). Halton Region provides GOG funding to approximately 1860 permanent staff including program and non-program staff. The GOG funds are used to enhance the salary level of staff working in licensed child care programs.

The chart below outlines the base hourly salaries, excluding GOG. This information is collected annually from Child Care Service Providers receiving a GOG.

Child Care Staff Average Hourly Wage for Non-Profit & Commercial
Staffing Positions 2013 Hourly Salaries 2014 Hourly Salaries 2015 Hourly Salaries
Supervisor $21.81 $22.43 $21.61
Registered Early Childhood Educator – RECE
$15.27 $15.55 $15.67
Early Childhood Assistant – Non-RECE
$12.69 $12.81 $13.28

Averages are based on actual GOG reconciliation data as populated by the operator

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