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Supporting Child Development for Child Care Professionals in Halton

Why is child development important?

The first 6 years of life are a critical time in a child’s growth and development. This is a time when parts of the brain that control how a child listens and sees, talks, moves, and expresses emotions are formed. Healthy eating, being active, getting enough sleep and staying safe optimize healthy child development.

Early experiences in the first few years of life also help shape a child’s social and emotional well-being. These early experiences provide the foundation for how children learn, think, feel and behave as they transition into adulthood.

The earlier developmental concerns are addressed, the better the outcomes for children and families. You play an important role in supporting the development of children you care for in your child care setting. Did you know there are many resources and services in Halton that can assist you in this critical role?

Learn how to support child development

Resources in Halton for Child Care Professionals