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What is Parent Engagement?

Did you know?

  • Parents are more involved in grade school than in high school.
  • Mothers are more involved than fathers.
  • Parents who are viewed as “hard to reach” often see the school as “hard to reach”
  • Parents felt they might be seen as trouble makers if they talked too much
  • Parent engagement can be done in many ways both at home and school in addition to volunteering and committee work
  • Learning at home has the biggest impact on student achievement

Parents who play an active role in their child’s learning and development enhance their child’s overall success and well-being. Research shows that parent engagement is directly linked to many positive outcomes for children, including:

  • better behaviour
  • improved social skills
  • staying in school longer
  • increase in academic achievement

While engagement emphasizes a shared responsibility between parents and school staff, parent involvement focuses on strengthening and assisting school programs and priorities.

Schools can involve parents in many ways. The Epstein's framework (external PDF) describes 6 types of involvement that strengthen both school-based and home-based activities.

Ontario's Vision of Parent Engagement

Ontario's Vision of Parent Engagement recognizes that parent involvement is multi-dimensional and that parents have an important role to play in student success and healthy growth and development. For more Ministry of Education tools on how to engage parents using school councils and committees visit the following websites: