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Preparing to Leave Your Child Home Alone


Getting ready to have your child stay home alone is a big milestone for families. Learn about what you need to know to prepare your child to stay home along for the first time.


Getting ready to have your child stay home alone is a big step for families. The aim of At Home Alone - Family Workshop Handbook (PDF file) is to help you get ready. Families can use the handbook to develop a personal safety and injury prevention plan that will meet their unique needs. As you go through the exercises, remember to:

  • Encourage mutual respect by speaking politely to each other.
  • Decide on two or three simple rules stated in a positive way, such as “Lock the door when you get home” instead of “Don’t leave the house unlocked."
  • Keep a positive attitude. Reward good behaviour to help ensure that this behaviour will happen again.
  • Change the rules as your child becomes more responsible or you need to provide more direction.
  • Spend time with your tween; take an interest in their day. This will help you to evaluate your child's home alone experience.
  • Be open and honest and always keep your sense of humour!

Halton Region does not offer At Home Alone family workshops.

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