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Bed Bug Identification


Learn about when and where to submit a sample for bed bug identification.

To assist in confirming bed bug infestations, Halton Region Health Department provides a free bed bug identification service to Halton residents.

When to submit a sample

Bed bugs are easiest to identify when they resemble one of the adult stages in their life cycle. The adult bed bug is approximately the size of an apple seed. Other indications that it might be time to submit a sample include:

  • Blood stains and black fecal marks on bedding and/or mattress
  • Itchy bite marks or welts noticed on your face, neck, upper torso, arms or hands

How to submit a sample

  1. Collect an adult, kill and preserve it in a clear, watertight container with 70% rubbing alcohol. Be sure not to squish or stick the insect to tape.
  2. Complete the Bed Bug Identification Form (PDF file)
  3. Drop off your sample with completed form to Halton Region's Health Department weekdays between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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