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Rabies Post-Exposure Treatment


The rabies vaccination can be given after being exposed to an animal with rabies. Learn about what is involved in rabies post-exposure treatment.

Post-exposure treatment

In Ontario, post-exposure treatment involves administration of immune globulin and 4 doses of rabies vaccine over a 14-day period.

  • Day 0 - Rabies immune globulin and first dose of rabies vaccine is given as soon as possible after exposure.
  • Days 3, 7, 14 - Additional doses of rabies vaccine are given.
  • Day 28 - For immunocompromised persons, a fifth dose of vaccine is given.

Rabies post-exposure treatment is relatively painless. It does not require injections in the stomach as it did in the past.

How to get treatment

Consult your family doctor.

Protection from rabies

Seek medical attention and advice from a physician if you are potentially exposed to rabies - even if you have received rabies vaccine in the past.

Paying for treatment

Rabies post-exposure treatment is free to Ontario residents. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides the rabies immune globulin and vaccine, and OHIP covers the medical costs.

Information for physicians

Physicians must report information concerning any animal bite or other animal contact that may result in rabies in their patients to the Halton Region Health Department.