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Walkable Communities

Halton has many walkable communities to enjoy. Learn more here!

What is a walkable community?

A walkable community:

  • is a well-designed and compact neighbourhood that allows people to walk as a form of everyday transportation.
  • supports other forms of active transportation. This includes biking, in-line skating, skateboarding, public transit and using mobility devices.

A walkable community addresses these components:


  • Home and work are near enough to make it easy to walk, bike or use other modes of active transportation.
  • Many people and jobs in an area can support and attract retail, services and public transit.


  • A variety of places within a 5 - 10 minute walk or a short bike ride.


  • Connectivity: Sidewalks, trails and bike lanes connect people to a variety of destinations.
  • Beautification: Interesting and pleasant things to look at encourage active transportation.
  • Safety: Design features to increase the feeling of safety and reduce injuries.
  • Accessibility: Everyone is able to get around with ease, regardless of age or ability.

The health benefits of walkable communities

Studies show that the way we build our communities benefits our health and well-being.

Being active and healthy

  • Walking, cycling and using transit are easy ways to be active and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Creating community

  • Encouraging people to gather, connect and celebrate in parks, restaurants, cafes and shops builds vibrant communities.

Breathing clean air

  • Having places close by to get to without a car can reduce air pollution and greenhouse gasses.

Improving safety

  • Well-designed streets are safe and convenient for everyone (pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers) regardless of age or ability.

Pedestrian safety and safe cycling

Halton Region supports walkable communities

The importance of walkable communities in Halton

The 3 Ds: density, diversity, and design

graphic depicting a comfortable walking distance (5 - 10 minutes or 400m - 800m)

People are more likely to use active transportation when destinations are within walking distance of homes and workplaces. A comfortable walking distance equals 5 - 10 minutes or 400m - 800m.