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Indoor Water Efficiency On this page Actions to conserve water and become more water efficient in your home Replacing old, high water use...
Tags: "water conservation"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-Conservation/Indoor-Water-Efficiency 2018-04-03 5:57:43 PM
Understanding My Water Bill On this page Breaking down your water bill Sample water bill Local hydro utility eBilling Transferri...
Tags: "water billing"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-and-Wastewater-Billing/Understanding-My-Water-Bill 2018-06-14 9:05:32 AM
Property Owners and Tenants On this page Paying your water bill Unpaid charges Third party accounts Transferring property ownership...
Tags: "water billing"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-and-Wastewater-Billing/Property-Owners-and-Tenants 2018-06-14 9:56:41 AM
High Water Bills and Leaks On this page High water bills Fixing leaks Extended absences An average household in Halton Region use...
Tags: "water billing"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-and-Wastewater-Billing/High-Water-Bills-and-Leaks 2018-06-14 2:40:23 PM
Regional Official Plan Review - Natural Heritage On this page What is the Natural Heritage System (NHS)? Why is the Natural Heritage Syst...
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)/Halton-s-Regional-Official-Plan-Review-(ROPR)/Regional-Official-Plan-Review-Natural-Heritage-S 2018-06-15 9:24:07 AM
Regional Official Plan Explained - Agriculture On this page What is the Agricultural System? Why is the Agriculture in the Regional Offic...
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)/About-Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)/Regional-Official-Plan-Explained-Agriculture 2018-10-05 2:33:30 PM
Taking Action - Wastewater (Sewage) Backups in Homes On this page What to do when wastewater (sewage) backs up into your home Assistance fro...
Tags: wastewater
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Wastewater/Taking-Action-Wastewater-(Sewage)-Backups-in-Hom 2018-11-19 3:08:30 PM
Contact Heritage Services is located in the Kelso Conservation Area ( 5181 Kelso Road, Milton, ON) (external link) Consultation with Herita...
Tags: heritage
/The-Region/Heritage-Services 2018-12-13 4:53:18 PM
Regional Ontario Street Property Master Plan On this page Background "What We Heard" Community Workshops Reports to Council The ...
Tags: "strategies and studies"
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Plans,-Strategies-and-Studies/Regional-Ontario-Street-Property-Master-Plan 2019-04-17 10:47:47 AM
Halton’s Environmental Impact Assessment Guideline Update Halton’s planning vision includes a natural heritage system that is integrated with c...
Tags: assessment, eia, "Environmental Impact Assessment", guideline, pic, plan, planning, policy, "public information centre"
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Plans,-Strategies-and-Studies/Environmental-Impact-Assessment-Guide-Update 2019-09-23 1:25:47 PM
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