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Promoting Personal Injury Prevention in Schools On this page Resources that support curriculum, teaching and learning in classrooms Resource...
Tags: "school years"
/For-Business/Professionals/School-Years-Program/Curriculum-Support/Promoting-Personal-Injury-Prevention-in-Schools 2018-02-02 11:18:05 AM
Official Plan Background On this page What is Sustainable Halton? Sustainable Halton connection to the Region's Official Plan Benefits of S...
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)-(1)/Sustainable-Halton/Sustainable-Halton-Background 2018-06-13 9:16:16 AM
Water Service Rates and Fees On this page Breakdown of rates on water bill Rate cards Water Works By-law Breakdown of rates on water bi...
Tags: "water billing"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-and-Wastewater-Billing/Water-Service-Rates-and-Fees 2018-06-14 1:59:38 PM
What am I responsible for? Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all services, plumbing and devices located on private proper...
Tags: "water billing"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-and-Wastewater-Billing/Water-Meters 2018-06-25 11:26:15 AM
Flooding can happen when you least expect it. Halton Region has invested millions of dollars in optimizing the wastewater sewer system throughout ...
Tags: "basement flooding", subsidy
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Enhanced-Basement-Flooding-Prevention-Subsidy-Prog 2019-03-18 2:36:08 PM
If you require this document in an alternate format: please call 311 TTY 905-827-9833 or 1-866-442-5866 Energy Conservation ...
Tags: conservation, "strategies and studies"
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Plans,-Strategies-and-Studies/Energy-Conservation-and-Demand-Management-Plan 2019-11-07 11:56:47 AM
Regional Official Plan Review: Natural Heritage Why is Natural Heritage being addressed in the Official Plan Review? Halton Region, like all m...
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)-(1)/Halton-s-Regional-Official-Plan-Review-(ROPR)/Regional-Official-Plan-Review-Natural-Heritage-(1) 2020-07-24 2:40:13 PM
Regional Official Plan Review: Rural and Agricultural System Why is Halton’s Rural and Agricultural System being addressed in the Official Plan...
Tags: agriculture
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)-(1)/Halton-s-Regional-Official-Plan-Review-(ROPR)/Regional-Official-Plan-Review-Agricultural 2020-07-24 2:42:06 PM
Subscribe to receive reminders to test your well water Testing Your Well Water On this page Why test your well water When to test y...
Tags: "well water"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-Quality-Protection/Well-Water/Testing-Your-Well-Water 2018-02-01 2:20:34 PM
Regional Official Plan Viewer
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)-(1)/Regional-Official-Plan-Viewer 2019-01-02 11:02:52 AM
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