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Oral Health Education Resources for Teachers and Educators Good oral health positively impacts a child's ability to learn, attend school and ea...
Tags: "oral health"
/For-Residents/Public-Health/Oral-Health/Oral-Health-Education-Resources-for-Teachers-and-E 2018-02-05 12:49:36 PM
Well Water Quality COVID-19 update We will continue to provide water sample kits and accept well water samples at Halton Regional Centre. If yo...
Tags: "well water"
/For-Residents/Water-and-Environment/Water-Quality-Protection/Well-Water/Well-Water-Quality 2018-06-07 3:08:06 PM
Status of COVID-19 cases in Halton Dashboard Having trouble loading the dashboard? View in fullscreen. Data notes Data sources Hal...
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/Status-of-COVID-19-Cases-in-Halton 2020-10-29 6:07:13 PM
Bullying Prevention at School On this page Curriculum, teaching and learning Social and physical environments Home, school and community pa...
Tags: "school years"
/For-Business/Professionals/School-Years-Program/Curriculum-Support/Bullying-Prevention-at-School 2018-02-02 1:04:13 PM
Call 311 Question or Concern? Traffic signal not working Contact Halton Region Traffic signals are timed to keep roads moving. Benef...
Tags: "road safety"
/For-Residents/Roads-Construction/Traffic-Signals 2018-02-01 11:40:37 AM
Preterm Labour On this page What is preterm labour What are the signs and symptoms of preterm labour How to lower the risk of preterm ...
Tags: pregnancy
/For-Residents/Children-and-Parenting/Pregnancy-and-Prenatal-Health/Preterm-Labour 2018-02-01 2:55:20 PM
Parenting in the Early Years On this page Positive parenting Involved dads and partners Parenting and stress Parenting challenging behavio...
Tags: toddlers
/For-Residents/Children-and-Parenting/Parenting-Toddlers-Preschoolers/Parenting-in-the-Early-Years 2018-02-01 4:52:44 PM
Substance Use and Misuse at School On this page Curriculum, teaching and learning in classrooms Social and physical environments Home, scho...
Tags: "school years"
/For-Business/Professionals/School-Years-Program/Curriculum-Support/Substance-use-and-misuse-at-School 2018-02-02 11:21:55 AM
Regional Official Plan Amendments and Amendment Process On this page Definition of amendment to Regional Official Plan (ROPA) Reasons why...
/The-Region/Regional-Planning/Regional-Official-Plan-(ROP)-(1)/Official-Plan-Amendment-Process 2018-06-14 3:27:15 PM
Infrastructure Master Plans Municipalities in Ontario follow the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process under the Ontario Environmenta...
Tags: "master plan"
/For-Residents/Roads-Construction/Infrastructure-Master-Plans 2019-03-26 3:02:06 PM
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