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Periods of Exclusion - Childhood Diseases If you suspect that your child has a communicable disease that might spread to others: Keep your chil...
Tags: immunization
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Immunization/Periods-of-Exclusion 2018-09-04 3:40:55 PM
Protecting Your Family & Pets Against Rabies On this page Vaccinating your pet Protecting your family and pets Risk of rabies from squ...
Tags: rabies
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Rabies/Protecting-Your-Family-Pets-Against-Rabies 2018-01-31 3:21:42 PM
Hepatitis B Vaccine On this page About hepatitis B How the disease spreads Symptoms Vaccinating your child Who should not get th...
Tags: hepatitis, vaccine
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Immunization/Hepatitis-B-Vaccine 2018-02-01 4:47:03 PM
Who is currently eligible in Halton Youth Vaccination Program The Youth Vaccination Program is for youth 12 years of age or older who will be ret...
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/COVID-19-Vaccines/Who-is-currently-eligible-in-Halton 2021-02-23 10:06:41 AM
COVID-19 vaccine updates for health care professionals COVID-19 vaccination status Halton is currently focused on vaccinating priority population...
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/COVID-19-Vaccines/COVID-19-vaccine-updates-for-health-care-professio 2021-03-12 7:37:22 PM
COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus) Wellness check tool for staff, visitors and contractors Have you completed your wellness check today? ...
Tags: corona, "corona virus", coronavirus, covid, covid19, covid-19, "novel corona virus", "novel coronavirus"
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus 2020-01-28 2:22:33 PM
Tags: rabies
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Rabies 2018-01-31 3:21:19 PM
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine (MMR II® or Priorix®) On this page About the MMR vaccine Measles (Red Measles) Mumps Rubella ...
Tags: vaccine
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Immunization/Measles,-Mumps,-Rubella-(MMR)-Vaccine-(MMR-II®-or 2018-02-01 4:47:12 PM
Information for physicians Physicians must report information concerning any animal bite or other animal contact that may result in rabies in th...
Tags: rabies
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Rabies/Rabies-Post-Exposure-Treatment 2018-02-01 10:39:28 AM
Rabies Pre-Exposure Vaccine On this page Doses Who should get the vaccine Who should not get the vaccine Getting the vaccine Saf...
Tags: rabies
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Rabies/Rabies-Pre-Exposure-Vaccine 2018-02-01 10:39:43 AM
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