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Bats & Rabies On this page About bats and rabies Identifying bats with rabies Facts about bats Coming in contact with a bat Bat-...
Tags: rabies
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Rabies/Bats-Rabies 2018-02-01 10:40:19 AM
HPV Vaccine On this page About HPV Spreading HPV Symptoms Getting the vaccine Who should not get the vaccine Deciding not to ...
Tags: hpv, vaccine
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Immunization/HPV-Vaccine 2018-02-01 4:46:58 PM
Preparing for your vaccination appointment On this page Talk to your health care provider if required Screen for COVID-19 symptoms ...
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/COVID-19-Vaccines/preparing-for-your-vaccination-appointment 2021-04-15 9:06:53 AM
Redirecting... You are being redirected to an external website that is maintained by Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. R...
Tags: "report immunization"
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Immunization/Report-Your-Immunizations 2018-02-01 4:47:27 PM
Wellness Check Tool
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/Access-to-Regional-Services-during-COVID-19/Wellness-Check-Tool 2021-01-09 5:21:35 PM
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/COVID-19-School-Information/Outbreak-documentation-submission-form 2021-02-24 10:42:02 AM
Grade 7 School-based Immunization Important updates: School-based Immunization Program As we continue to navigate the impacts of the global pan...
Tags: immunization
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Immunization/Grade-7-Schools-Immunization-Schedules 2018-02-01 4:46:48 PM
COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Updates: Accelerated second doses for residents who received the AstraZeneca vaccine: Residents who received ...
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/COVID-19-Vaccines/COVID-19-Vaccination-Clinics 2021-02-23 10:07:39 AM
West Nile virus West Nile virus surveillance Prevention and Control Measures 13 standing water sites were larvicided during the week of June 6...
Tags: "west nile"
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/West-Nile-Virus 2018-02-01 4:44:55 PM
COVID-19 Vaccine Resources On this page Fact Sheets Videos Other COVID-19 Resources Order Print Resources Fact Sheets CO...
/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus/COVID-19-Vaccines/COVID-19-vaccine-resources 2021-03-12 7:34:03 PM
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