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Regional Phasing

Regional Phasing ties new development and infrastructure expansions to meet the timing of growth assigned through the Regional Growth Strategy. Learn about Regional Phasing at Halton.

In December 2009, Regional Council adopted ROPA 38, which became the new Regional Official Plan (2009).

Policies in the new Regional Official Plan (ROP) require Halton Region to update the phasing of growth (of new urban lands) to the year 2031, and to update Map 5 of the ROP to show this phasing. The purpose of this Amendment is to address these required changes.

On July 13, 2011, Regional Council adopted Regional Official Plan Amendment No. 39 (ROPA 39).

Best Planning Estimates

The Best Planning Estimates of Population, Occupied Dwelling Units and Employment, 2011-2031 (June 2011) assists the Region in preparing the Regional Development Phasing to 2031 and in reaching its distribution of population and employment to 2031.

The Best Planning Estimates - June 2011 Version are working numbers that show when and where development is likely to take place in Halton Region. They show the total population and employment in Halton Region, and in each of the local municipalities, by five-year intervals to 2031.

The Best Planning Estimates are being updated to assist Halton Region with reaching growth targets of 780,000 people and 390,000 jobs by 2031.

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