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Regional Official Plan Review - Integrated Growth Management

Halton Region is reviewing urban system and growth management policies to guide population and job growth.

Urban System & Growth Management

The Regional Official Plan (ROP) sets out how and where population and employment growth will occur in Halton. Growth is guided by Halton’s planning vision, which includes:

  • Settlement areas with identifiable communities
  • Rural areas where agriculture is the main activity
  • A natural heritage system that is integrated with settlement areas and rural areas

The policies of the ROP:

  • Direct population and employment growth to built-up areas
  • Promote transit supportive densities and urban structure
  • Provide opportunity for a balance of jobs and housing in communities

Learn more about the Urban Area policies in the ROP

Why are we reviewing the Regional Official Plan?

Halton Region, like all municipalities in Ontario, is required to review and update its Official Plan to be consistent with and conform to Provincial policies and plans.

A review of Urban System and Growth Management policies will ensure the Regional Official Plan:

The Regional Official Plan Review – Phase 1 Directions Report, 2016 (PDF file) identifies the policy themes under review.

The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2017 (PDF file) sets out new regional population and employment targets to the year 2041. Under the updated targets, Halton’s population would grow to 1,000,000 people and 470,000 jobs. That is 220,000 additional residents and 80,000 additional jobs between 2031 and 2041.

View Planning Act, Section 26(1) (external link)

What are we reviewing?

We are reviewing urban system policies to accommodate more people and jobs in the region to support the development of complete communities. When planning for growth, we will use an integrated approach to planning and infrastructure investment.

The review will result in new policies to guide population and job growth as well as transportation, water and waste water services to:

  • meet updated population and employment density targets from 2031 to 2041
  • create resilient, transit friendly communities while protecting stable neighbourhoods
  • incorporate recommendations from infrastructure master plans and strategies

General Official Plan Review inquiries: