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Aircraft Noise Management

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is the operator and manager of Toronto Pearson – Canada’s largest and busiest airport.

The GTAA has a Noise Management Program in place which helps manage the impact of Toronto Pearson airport operations on the surrounding community. The program includes noise operating restrictions, noise abatement procedures, enforcement, a Noise Management Office, land use planning and community outreach.

Residents may make inquiries and learn more about GTAA aircraft noise management, air traffic movement and register aircraft noise complaints by connecting with the following resources:

  • Residents looking for general information concerning GTAA aircraft noise management, including links to noise office advisories, noise monitoring and how to register an aircraft noise complaint may wish to visit the GTAA Noise Management Office webpages (external link)
  • Residents looking to register an aircraft noise complaint have a number of options as follows:
    • Submit a noise complaint using WebTrak (external link). WebTrak is an online tool that provides near-real time and historical flight data so residents surrounding Toronto Pearson can investigate specific aircraft operations from any computer with internet access.
    • Submit an online noise complaint to the GTAA Noise Management Office (external link)
    • Contact the GTAA Noise Management Office by telephone at (416) 247-7682. The GTAA Noise Management Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Outside office hours, a prompted voice mail service will allow you to leave a complete and detailed message.
  • The GTAA Community Environment & Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) provides a forum where residents can openly discuss and ask questions about noise-related issues at Toronto Pearson. The committee meets four or five times per year and is open to members of the public. The committee is comprised of elected representatives and residents from communities surrounding Toronto Pearson, including Halton Region. More information about the committee (external link).