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Comprehensive Housing Strategy

  • The Comprehensive Housing Strategy Update 2014-2024 (pdf file) (CHS) is our roadmap for housing matters in Halton Region.
  • The CHS seeks to build healthy and inclusive communities with housing options that meet the needs of Halton residents of all incomes and in all stages of life. The CHS is built on five strategic directions with a view to:
    • create a range and mix of new housing opportunities to meet the needs of our Halton community;
    • protect existing rental housing so that it continues to be available to our residents; and
    • provide coordinated services to residents who need support to obtain or maintain their housing
  • To encourage the provision of affordable housing, the Regional Official Plan sets housing affordability and housing mix targets. This is reported annually in the State of Housing Report. This is reported annually; please see the  2016 State of Housing Report opens pdf 
  • Under the Housing Services Act, 2011, (external) Halton Region is responsible for the delivery funding, planning and administering of government assisted housing programs and services for Halton residents.
  • The CHS has been updated to serve as the new 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan, required by the Provincial Government.
  • See the 2017 Comprehensive Housing Strategy (CHS) Report card for a status update on the various CHS actions in 2017.