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Lyme Disease What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by the bite of an infected blacklegged tick. Do all ticks c...
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/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/Lyme-Disease 2018-02-01 4:44:50 PM
On March 27, 2019, the Halton Region Health Department reported the majority of Halton is a risk area for ticks carrying the bacteria which causes ...
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/The-Region/News/2019/Halton-identified-as-risk-area-for-ticks-and-Lyme 2019-05-06 10:08:16 AM
Halton Region’s Health Department is reminding residents and travellers to protect themselves from tick bites and Lyme disease as they enjoy the ou...
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/The-Region/News/2018/Halton-reminds-residents-to-protect-themselves-fro 2018-05-28 12:00:00 AM
Sign-up for Weekly Influenza Updates The Influenza Surveillance Report provides a weekly snapshot of influenza activity in Halton Region. The re...
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/For-Business/Information-for-Physicians/Communicable-Diseases 2018-02-14 10:57:10 AM
Diseases of Public Health Significance On this page Duties to report specified diseases List of diseases of public health significance ...
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/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/Reportable-Diseases 2018-02-01 4:45:01 PM
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) On this page MSSA versus MRSA Types of MRSA Symptoms How MRSA spreads People ...
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/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/Methicillin-Resistant-Staphylococcus-aureus-(MRSA) 2018-02-01 4:45:16 PM
Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) Bacterial Infections On this page ESBL producing bacteria Risk factors How ESBLs spread Sur...
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/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/Extended-Spectrum-Beta-Lactamase-(ESBL)-Bacterial 2018-04-04 6:02:49 PM
Tuberculosis Reporting Physicians should report tuberculosis to the Reportable Disease and Outbreak Reporting Line: Call: 905-825-6000, ext. ...
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/For-Business/Information-for-Physicians/Communicable-Diseases/Tuberculosis-Information 2018-11-25 9:37:33 PM
Chickenpox (varicella) Get more information about Chickenpox Vaccine (Varilrix® or Varivax®) Coronavirus, including COVID-19 Encephaliti...
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/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/Prevent-Communicable-Diseases-A-Z-Index 2018-02-01 4:44:43 PM
Tuberculosis (TB) On this page About TB Case Management (Latent and Active TB ) Direct Observed Therapy Immigration Medical Surv...
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/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/Tuberculosis-(TB) 2018-02-01 4:44:35 PM
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