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Newcomers to Halton


The Halton Newcomer Strategy Steering Committee is an advocacy team that engages the community to empower newcomers living in Halton.

What is the Halton Newcomer Strategy?

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Halton Region, the Halton Newcomer Strategy (external link) Steering Committee (HNS) was launched in 2010 to act as the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP).

Local Immigration Partnerships have been established across Canada, and are dedicated to

  • meeting the changing needs and improving the lives of newcomers
  • improving access to settlement services
  • improving job outcomes for newcomers
  • strengthening regional awareness and capacity to successfully integrate newcomers

Through research, data and broader system planning, HNS takes an active role in coordinating and enhancing local services based on community need.

Who is involved in the Halton Newcomer Strategy?

The Halton Newcomer Strategy Steering Committee is comprised of 65 committee members, spanning more than 40 member agencies and a cross-section of sectors, such as:

  • settlement
  • education
  • health employment
  • business
  • police
  • government

These advocates set the strategic direction for the work of the collaborative and partner with the community to help newcomers with settlement, employment and successful integration.