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Learn about how Halton Region maintains safe and assisted housing for low income households through  subsidized housing programs.

Application for Rent-Geared-to-Income Housing

Mail your completed application (PDF file) to:

  • Halton Access to Community Housing (HATCH)
    Housing Services Division
    Regional Municipality of Halton
    690 Dorval Drive, 7th Floor
    Oakville, ON
    L6K 3X9

Need help with the cost of housing?

Assisted Housing - Halton Access to Community Housing (HATCH)

If you are struggling with the cost of maintaining your rental home, Halton Region's Assisted Housing Program may be able to help. Assistance may be in the form of rent-geared-to-income (RGI), which provides safe rental housing for individuals and families with low incomes or financial assistance where you are currently renting.

How does the Rent Supplement Program work?

Rent supplements reduce the cost of housing for qualified individuals and families. Landlords sign an agreement to provide units to the program, and Halton Region places eligible applicants from the HATCH wait list in the available units. The housing subsidy provided through the program is paid directly to the landlord.

Tenants pay their part of the rent, based on their household income, directly to their landlord.

How to apply


To apply for assisted housing you need to submit a Application for Rent-Geared-to-Income Housing (PDF file) to HATCH. Call 311 to have an application mailed to you.

Note: Review the searchable RGI housing database to assist you with your HATCH application.

Additional Forms

Some applicants may have special circumstances that warrant specific housing criteria or an expedited application process. If any of the conditions below apply to you, make sure to submit the additional form with your HATCH application.

Additional application pick up and drop off locations across Halton Region include:

Assisted Housing Eligibility


  • At least one member of the home must be 16 years of age or older
  • The household can take care of themselves (with or without the help of a support service agency)
  • All household members are legal residents of Canada
  • People who are under an enforceable deportation, departure or exclusion order are not eligible
  • No member of the household owes money to another social housing provider anywhere in Ontario
  • No member has been convicted within the last 24 months of a crime under the Criminal Code (Canada) in relation to the receipt of RGI assistance.
  • No member has been convicted within the last 24 months of receiving subsidized housing under false pretences (Housing Services Act, 2011, Section 55)

Income and Status proof

To determine eligibility, all applicants must provide:

  • Most recent Notice of Assessment (tax form from Canada Revenue Agency)
  • Proof of status in Canada (birth certificate, immigration papers etc.)

Up-to-Date Application

You are responsible to:

  • Advise HATCH of changes to address or phone number. Applications are cancelled if we can not reach you.
  • Advise HATCH of any changes to family size. This includes the birth of a child or a spouse separation.
  • Advise HATCH if you wish to make changes to your building selection.

Please note: All communications with HATCH must be in writing.

Upcoming changes to HATCH

As of January 1, 2021, you must accept the first HATCH unit that is offered from the buildings you have selected to live in. If you do not accept your first offer of housing, you will be removed from the HATCH waitlist and you will need to re-apply with a new application date.

If you have selected any buildings that you are not willing to move into if offered, please remove those buildings from your selections by emailing (please note: all communications regarding HATCH must be in writing).

Frequently asked questions

It is not possible to provide a specific wait time.

Criteria used to place individuals and families changes regularly. Halton Region must follow provincial government regulations, which means the date on your application is not the only information used for placement on our wait list. The waiting time can sometimes take several years for units highest in demand, such as for single non-senior individuals.

Flexibility is important. The greater number of communities and properties selected, the shorter the wait times tend to be.

The housing provider will contact you when they reach your name on the wait list. At that time, the housing provider may:

  • Complete credit and landlord checks
  • Call you for an interview
  • Require you to have a good credit rating and landlord references

All housing providers are bound by government legislation. These regulations govern the relationships between landlords and tenants and cover issues that may affect your tenancy.

  • Rent-geared-to-income - People living in assisted housing pay a rent based on 30% of their household income (before taxes). Adjustments are made depending on utility coverage included with the rental unit.
  • Market Rent - These housing providers compare rents in the private sector for similar units. You will pay a comparable rate to these units.
  • Utilities - Some housing communities in Halton include utilities in the rent. Units metered separately, such as townhouses, may require the tenant to pay for some or all of the utilities (hydro, water, and gas).

Many social housing providers in Halton offer accommodations suitable for wheelchair users. Check the details section of each listing to see the number and type of wheelchair accessible units.

Supportive housing helps seniors live independently. We provide help with everyday activities such as:

  • Personal care - bathing, basic hygiene, preventative skin care
  • Personal support - dressing/undressing, reminders to take medicine etc.
  • Homemaking services - light housekeeping and laundry

To apply, please include the Supportive Housing Application with your HATCH application form. HATCH will forward your request to the Supportive Housing Provider who will evaluate your needs.

HATCH Annual Update Online Form

If you are a current Halton Access to Community Housing (HATCH) applicant, please complete the HATCH annual update online form.