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After an Emergency


Find out more information on what to do when advised an emergency is over.

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Re-entering your home

  • Check for blown fuses/breakers and look for short-circuits in your home wiring and equipment. If you suspect a problem, call your utility company or a certified electrician
  • Report any emergency situation to the local police or fire department
  • Notify your insurance agent or broker if your property is damaged

Do not re-enter your home unless authorities advise you it is safe to do so.

Coping with a disaster

During or following a traumatic event, you and your family members may experience emotional or physical reactions. It is important to seek professional counselling to help cope with the emotional trauma. Contact Halton Region for more information.


Check your insurance policy before an emergency to find out what types of damage will be included in your coverage and if you have enough coverage.

Make sure to keep an inventory of your possessions including serial numbers and short descriptions. You can also take photographs and keep copies of receipts to show the item’s value.