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Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Studies


Norval West Bypass Transportation Corridor Improvements





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To consider options for road improvements along both the Norval West Bypass and 10 Side Road Corridors.


The Municipal Class EA Study includes:

  • Identification of alternative solutions to address the problem or opportunity
  • Evaluation of the alternative solutions and identification of any environmental, social or cultural and/or built heritage impacts and mitigation measures
  • Public, stakeholder and agency consultation
  • Preparation of an Environmental Study Report (ESR)

Public Information Centre #1

Online consultation took place between November 19 and December 18, 2020. Details of the consultation can be reviewed on the Public Information Centre #1: Norval West Bypass Transportation Corridor Improvements – Municipal Class EA Study page.

Public Information Centre #2

Since the First Public Information Centre the Region has been working with the identified preferred concept (Concept 2B) to develop road alignment alternatives and review design complexities with external agencies.

At the conclusion of this analysis, a preliminary preferred design will be identified to be shared with the community and stakeholders for review and comment at a Second Public information Centre, tentatively planned for Winter 2022.

If you require the following documents in an alternate format, please call 311, TTY: 905 827-9833 or e-mail