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Tourism Oriented Directional Signage Program


Halton has a directional sign program for tourists and residents - the Tourism Oriented Directional Signage program. Interested businesses may participate.

Halton Region helps residents, visitors and tourists find their way to the best sites and activities in the region! Our Tourism Oriented Directional Signage (TODS) program installs and maintains prominent tourism signs on major roads. These signs encourage and direct visitor traffic.

You may be eligible to participate in this program if you belong to one of these categories:

  • farm-based attractions and markets
  • museums
  • galleries and heritage sites
  • parks
  • sports facilities
  • downtown areas
  • hamlets and villages
  • tourist accommodations

There are fees associated with this program:

  • a one-time, non-refundable standard application fee (processed on receipt of an application).
  • a one-time sign fee based on the number and type of approved signs (calculated on a case-by-case basis).
  • an annual renewal fee based on the number and type of signs.

Eligibility Criteria for Halton's TODS Program

To be eligible for TOD signs, an operation must:

  • comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal legislation,
  • adhere to the safety standards and procedures that apply to the industry to which the operation belongs,
  • serve transient customers,
  • be open to the general public,
  • be accessible by public roads,
  • remain open for at least 12 consecutive weeks a year, 5 days a week,
  • have one or more of the following tourist oriented facilities:
    • a reception structure
    • a controlled gate
    • a staffed reception and orientation point
    • permanent interpretation panels or displays
  • advertise its location, operating season and hours, contact information, and facilities, either in tourism publications, or in publicity material regularly distributed to Ontario or appropriate regional/local Travel Information Centres,

The Region may at any time review the eligibility of an operation. The Region also reserves the right to remove an operation from the program at any time without compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tourism signs are offered by Halton Region?

The signs are called TODS (Tourism-Oriented Directional Signs). If you are an eligible tourism operation and if sign space exists, you can apply for a sign (PDF file) bearing your operation’s name, a generic symbol and directional information. The signs are directional rather than advertising signs. This program is administered by Halton Region. See TODS Program Guidelines (PDF file) for more information.

What tourism operations can apply for these signs?

The signs are for tourism-oriented operations which exist to provide specified tourism activities or facilities to motoring tourists. This includes many accommodation properties, tourist attractions (commercial or non-profit, public or private sector), area profile themes developed by eligible groups, and approved permanent tourist routes. For a list of eligible operation types, review the list provided above, or refer to the Guidelines document provided below.

My operation is on the "Eligible Tourism-Oriented Operations" list. Can I have a sign?

Yes, if you meet certain basic conditions. These rules are meant to ensure that transient tourists can rely on the signs to lead them to accessible, tourist-oriented facilities. The general criteria, which apply to everyone, are available under the Eligibility Criteria link.

On what roads will my signs be placed?

Your signs may be placed on major motor arteries throughout Halton Region and at locations where critical traveling decisions need to be made. Different sizes of trailblazing and way-finding signs will be provided. Signs may be placed on Regional and/or non-Regional roads. Businesses may want to have Canadian TOD signs on Provincial Highways directing motorists to an intersection/interchange with a Regional Road, where the Halton TODS program can continue to direct motorists to the destination.

What will my signs look like?

All signs shall adhere to the signage standard and follow the size, colour and retro-reflectivity requirements as specified in the guidelines issued by OTM and/or MUTCD. All signs shall have blue background with a white legend or symbol and a white border. There are three different sizes of signs:

  • small (30cm x 120 cm)
  • medium (45cm x 180 cm)
  • large (60cm x 240 cm)

The size of your sign will be determined by Region staff and the Guidelines.