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Halton first responders collaborate for large-scale emergency exercise

Jun 12, 2018
"This emergency exercise helps to ensure a coordinated, efficient and safe response from all three emergency services."
— Greg Sage, Chief, Paramedic Services, Halton Region
First responders participating in the emergency exercise
First responders collaborate to assist an accident victim as part of the June 5 emergency exercise at the Oakville Training Campus for Emergency Excellence.
The mobile command unit on site during the exercise.
The Halton Regional Police Service Mobile Command Unit was one of several emergency vehicles on site for the emergency training exercise.
First responders preparing a mock extraction.
First responders work together to ensure an accident victim can be removed safely from a damaged vehicle, as part of the June 5 emergency exercise.

Halton first responders collaborate for large-scale emergency exercise

Jun 12, 2018

On June 5, the Burlington Fire Department, Halton Regional Police Service, Halton Region Paramedic Services, and Oakville Fire Department joined forces at the Oakville Training Campus for Emergency Excellence, as part of a large-scale emergency training exercise. The exercise was coordinated and conducted by a sub-working group through the Joint Emergency Services Operational Advisory Group (JESOAG).

“This emergency exercise helps to ensure a coordinated, efficient and safe response from all three emergency services,” said Greg Sage, Chief, Paramedic Services, Halton Region. “By participating in these large-scale exercises, Halton Region and its partners are better prepared to protect the safety of our community during a real emergency.”

The training exercise involved over 40 first responders from the four participating emergency service agencies. Today’s exercise was a large-scale bus collision scenario, which required emergency responders to assist and rescue 50 patients, with a wide range of injuries.

JESOAG meets regularly and promotes training exercises to proactively address emergency response from all three emergency services: fire, paramedics and police. Members include:

  • Burlington Fire Department
  • Halton Hills Fire Department
  • Halton Regional Police Service
  • Halton Region Paramedic Services
  • Milton Fire Department
  • Oakville Fire Department
  • Ontario Provincial Police

Residents and businesses can also do their part to reduce the impact of emergencies by following three simple steps:

  • Know the risks—identify potential hazards in the community and sign up for emergency alerts from the Province or a local news provider.
  • Make a plan—establish what all members of a household should do before, during and after various emergencies.
  • Get a kit—assemble, buy or refresh the items required to stay safe and healthy for 72 hours, including supplies for older adults, children and pets.

To learn more about emergency preparedness, visit

Additional quotes:

“The Burlington Fire Department is thrilled to be able to participate in this valuable training exercise with our fellow emergency responders in Halton. We pride ourselves in being prepared for emergency situations and know from past experience that large-scale emergencies are best handled with a coordinated multi-agency approach. Our response is at its strongest when we work cohesively during an emergency, so by training together, we can learn together and be better prepared to assist Halton residents during emergencies.”
— David Lazenby, Fire Chief, City of Burlington

“It is invaluable for all participants of these exercises, and of course Halton residents, when our emergency services (including police, fire and paramedics) get together for joint training exercises. Working together and training together make us better prepared to serve all people and respond to all situations effectively and efficiently.”
— Stephen Tanner, Chief, Halton Regional Police Service

“The Oakville Fire Department is pleased to participate in this important exercise with Halton Region and our neighbouring municipalities. By simulating a real-life experience, we’re able to test our readiness to ensure that our response efforts are coordinated and effective in the event of a real emergency situation.”
— Brian Durdin, Fire Chief, Town of Oakville

The Regional Municipality of Halton serves more than 550,000 residents in the City of Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills, the Town of Milton, and the Town of Oakville. Halton Region is committed to meeting the needs of its residents through the delivery of cost-effective, quality programs and services, including water and wastewater; Regional roads and planning; paramedic services; waste management; public health; social assistance; children’s and seniors’ services; housing services; heritage programs; emergency management and economic development. For more information, call 311 or visit Halton Region’s website at

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