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Child Care Wage Enhancement Grant

The Wage Enhancement Grant supports wages for child care professionals working in licensed child care settings. Learn about the Wage Enhancement Grant and Home Child Care Enhancement Grant funding.

The Ministry of Education provides a Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG) and Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) to support wages for child care professionals working in licensed child care settings. These funds are available for:

  • Program staff working in licensed child care programs
  • Home visitors and providers working with a licensed home child care agency

The goals of WEG/HCCEG are to support a stable, accessible high quality child care system through:

  • Helping licensed child care operators to retain RECEs/child care staff
  • Supporting greater employment and income security
  • Closing the wage gap between RECE wages in the school board and licensed child care sectors

Halton Region administers the WEG/HCCEG funding to licensed child care operators and agencies on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

2018 WEG/HCCEG Reconciliation files will be sent directly to licensed child care operators before January 31, 2019. Submissions are due to Halton Region by February 28, 2019.

Update for 2019

The Ministry of Education has advised that the 2019 funding allocations for WEG/HCCEG will be confirmed after the passage of the Provincial budget in spring 2019. Halton Region will continue to flow funding to child care service providers based on 2018 levels, until the 2019 allocations are announced by the Province.

WEG/HCCEG payments will be provided to operators and agencies that received funding in 2018, and completed the Letter of Intent confirming a commitment to follow through with the 2019 WEG/HCCEG application process.

The following expectations from 2018 will continue to be adhered to in 2019, until informed otherwise:

  • Staff eligibility is determined using the 2018 wage cap of $27.07 per hour for WEG and $270.70 per day for HCCEG.
  • Distribution must occur on each pay cheque or provider transfer payment.
  • Lump sum or quarterly payments of WEG/HCCEG funding to staff/providers are not permitted.
  • The portion of funding that is being provided through WEG/HCCEG be clearly identified on staff and provider payments.
  • Centres/agencies must meet mandatory minimum wage and mandatory benefit requirements without WEG/HCCEG funding in order to qualify for the funding.

At this time, the 2018 WEG User Guide (PDF file) and 2018 HCCEG User Guide (PDF file) remain applicable.

Further updates will be posted as they are made available by the Province of Ontario.

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